Muscle Soreness – What is Actually Happening?

Muscle soreness is quite common.  Most of us have experienced stiffness and soreness the day after an unusual activity.  But what about other days when there doesn’t appear to be a physical reason?

Common Causes of Muscle Soreness

Ways to Avoid and Treat Sore Muscles

If you know your soreness comes from over-activity, you can treat your pain yourself using one or more of these methods:

Other techniques that can help you avoid soreness are:

When to See a Doctor

Muscle aches can sometimes be a symptom of a larger issue.  If you’ve tried to treat it yourself without success, you should talk to your doctor.

Signs that may be time to schedule an appointment include:

When it becomes an Emergency

Occasionally, muscle soreness will be the immediate precursor to an emergency situation.  If you experience any of the following, get to an emergency room.


For more information visit us at Williamson County Integrative Medicine, where our medical experts and chiropractors can help assess your level of pain and recommend the best course of action.

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