Remedy Joint and Muscle Injuries with All-Natural Stem Cell Therapy

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When you’ve run out of options for relieving chronic pain in your joints or muscles due to injury or disease, you may be the ideal candidate for stem cell therapy.

Stem cell treatments are effective at providing long-term pain relief, because they help your body heal from the inside out. At Williamson County Integrative Medicine in Round Rock, Texas, you can receive the highest quality of care and get long-lasting relief from chronic joint and muscle pain with stem cell therapy.

Why stem cell therapy is so effective

Stem cell therapy is designed to address the primary causes of your pain, which usually involve joints or muscles that have deteriorated due to a degenerative disease or injury.

The therapy involves using mesenchymal stem cells. Mesenchymal stem cells contain growth factors that can help in the repair of your joints or muscles. These cells have a special ability to develop into different types of cells, including muscle tissue, bone tissue, nerves, and blood vessels.

After an injection into the injured or diseased area, stem cells get to work developing into the specialized cells your body needs to heal. As a result, your body repairs itself from the inside out, helping ensure that you enjoy lasting relief from chronic pain and dysfunction.

Conditions stem cell therapy can treat

If you’re suffering from persistent pain, and other treatments have not helped, you may benefit from stem cell therapy. A variety of conditions that can cause chronic pain include:

In many cases, chronic health issues like these can increase your dependence on medications and limit your ability to stay physically active. However, with stem cell therapy, you can naturally rebuild areas of diseased or damaged muscle and bone to boost your overall health and functionality.

While it may take some time for treatment to work, you can benefit from the long-lasting results as the stem cells repair and replace the unhealthy parts of your body.

No pain and no downtime

Stem cell therapy involves injections of high concentrations of stem cells into your injured or diseased joint or muscle. The injection area can be numbed to prevent any pain.

After your stem cell injections, you won’t need any downtime. You can get right back to your usual activities. It can take a month or more to fully experience the effects of stem cell therapy, but you can look forward to significantly improved functionality and mobility.

Stem cell therapy can also be a preventive treatment if you’re facing complicated surgery, such as a joint replacement, which can put you out of work for months at a time.

To find out if stem cell therapy is the right choice for you, schedule a consultation online or by phone with Williamson County Integrative Medicine today.

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