Personal Injury


Medical & chiropractic care is a common thing to seek after any injuries. Through non-invasive treatments, we work to rehabilitate and adjust your body back to where it was before the accident.


Back pain from a work-related injury or motor accident can be one of the worst forms of chronic back pain. Unfortunately, this is a common issues with those who experienced accidents. While whiplash is often associated with neck pain this sudden start and stop of speed and force of the fall or related injury is enough to hurt even your spine.


Headaches affect more than 80% of those suffering from whiplash. An immediate headache after an accident is understandable. Our bodies were not meant for such severe forward/backward motions.

We use a combination of manual therapy to restore movement in joints, soft tissue rehabilitation to help tight or damaged tissue and even home care to give you a personalized treatment program that will help speed your recovery.

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