Regenerative Cell Therapy


What Are Regenerative Cells?

Regenerative Cells are specialized cells that know what you need and where you need it, and they go there and become it.

Mesenchymal Regenerative Cells are cells (MSC’s) which naturally are produced in every person’s body. These Regenerative Cells (MSC’s) will home in on the signal of injured areas of the body to help heal. MSC’s are able to adapt and become what the body needs to repair and increase regeneration. As we age, the body has less and less Regenerative Cells and it can take much longer to recover.

Benefits of Regenerative Cell Therapy

  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Avoid surgery and its many complications and risks
  • Minimal post-procedural recovery time
  • No use of general anesthesia
  • No risk of rejection
  • Pain reduction
  • Increased mobility and function

The chart to the right shows the decline of Mesenchymal Regenerative Cells as you age.

Mesenchymal Regenerative Cell Decline with Age 

At Williamson County Integrative Medicine, we use have used Mesenchymal regenerative Cells and produced fantastic results in our medical treatment. Anyone of any age may be a viable patient for regenerative cell therapy. Because there is a significant decrease in the number of stem cells present in a patient as they age, we use regenerative cells extracted from umbilical cord blood donations. They are always screened for your safety in a lab that meets the strictest conditions. This ensures that we are able to provide every patient with a rich source of regenerative cells instead of extracting an unknown amount of regenerative cells from the patient’s own body, which may affect patient outcomes.

Our staff treats patients as whole people, providing a comprehensive diagnostic assessment in order to design a customized strategy for relief from medical concerns in Austin and Round Rock, Texas. Regenerative Cell research has advanced to a point that, at Williamson County Integrative Medicine, regenerative cell therapy and regenerative medicine is part of our array of treatments. Our Regenerative Cell Therapy designed to help our patients attain their wellness goals and achieve a higher quality of life.

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